DiSC is an assessment tool designed to improve many traits within an individual including, work productivity, teamwork and communication.

DiSC helps people discuss their behavioural differences and is none judgemental.

As an accredited DiSC practitioner, I am able to work with clients to complete a personality profile assessment which enables deep level understanding of your work habits and preferred working style. This increases self-awareness and enables you to explore your preferred working style and areas to work on.

Not only does this help my clients gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and preferred working styles, but equally, it helps them understand how others work to enhance their working relationships.


Why use DiSC profiling?

  • Would you benefit from in-depth personal reflection and a greater understanding of your working preferences?
  • Do you want to improve your working relationships with others?
  • Are you a senior leader/head teacher who wants to establish improved working relationships within your colleagues or a particular team?
  • Are you a senior leader or head teacher who want to use personality profiling as a rigorous assessment tool for recruitment?