Senior Leaders

Be a Better You

The inspirational and developmental experience which my coaching provides can be a real asset to you school or institution and help bring about positive change to raise outcomes within your organisation.

Coaching can be used as a tool to develop staff, students and parents with your school community. Sessions can be personised to your institution to help individuals with the community or to develop staff/students through group based coaching sessions.  .

My work completed to date in raising student achievement through highly effective sessions with staff and young people, clearly evidence the impact coaching can  have on an educational organisation and I am keen to develop and set a coaching ethos within schools. Should you wish to explore how may work within your school please do not hesitate in getting in touch.


Tailored Coaching

I work on a case-by-case basis and each individual Senior Leader’s needs will vary greatly. If any of the questions above speak to you or don’t, your needs will receive tailor made attention.

Contact me to see what we can do together. I will respond within 24 hrs.

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