Develop your skill set

Middle Leaders

Middle Leaders

Like teaching, coaching is results based profession. The positive impact coaching can have on teaching professionals and in turn, the young people in your care can be huge. I have successfully coached middle leaders to transform their departments and the staff within them.

Due to the empowering nature of my coaching, client see ownership of their targets  and professional goals which makes a huge impact on not only the speed but the intensity at which the targets are met.

Middle leaders are often highly effective teachers who are ready for the next challenge. Leadership and management requires a different skill set and coaching can help new and experience middle leader work through daily challenges and short, medium and long term goal in their career and professional development.

Before you look for a new and exciting ‘Leadership and Management’ training course to assist you in your development, take time to consider how a series of coaching sessions could better suit your developmental and personal needs.

Growth & Development

Hone Your Skills

  • Upskill
  • Develop Others


Hone your skills but most importantly develop others.  You will have the tools to build future leaders.

Continued Growth

  • Climb the ladder
  • Reach your potential


It is time to take that bold step and develop yourself, so that you can move up that ladder in to your ideal role.

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